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Peter Pan Tadpoles
07 October 2013

You may remember earlier in the year that the small ponds nearby dried up and we rescued as many tadpoles as possible, putting them in our barrel pond.  The barrel is full of pond weed, water lily and little freshwater shrimps and other very tiny creatures.

By July, I noticed that the tadpoles were still tadpoles and was wracking my brains to remember how long tadpoles take to metamorphose into frogs.  By August, I was sure something was wrong because they were still tadpoles buzzing around in the pond.  So, I googled it.  It is a phenomenon of northern ponds which are not sufficiently rich and so, the tadpoles do not mature.

O.K.  I had rescued them and saved their lives and they were still alive, of course, but what should I do?  If I added some meat to the pond regularly, they would mature but then they would be small frogs in the autumn - wrong season.  So, after discussion with the family, we have decided to leave the Peter Pan tadpoles as tadpoles until the spring.  (Taking care that the pond does not freeze over.)  Then, we will introduce the meat, allowing them to mature at the appropriate time.

I had thought people watched their tadpoles, in jars on the windowsill, change into frogs, so it was a new fact to learn that this did not always happen.  (If they can mature in jam jars, are they pre-programmed by the poor quality of the original pond, or re-programmed in my poor pond?)  I am still puzzled.

Norma   x


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