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Peanuts, Monkeys and Squirrels
12 April 2016

A fellow-photographer had the usual professional photographers' gripe - not anyone with a good camera will take great images.  He said something like:  "If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys"I wasn't quite sure where they monkeys came into it as I am not certain they eat peanuts.  Squirrels do, of course.  But, perhaps what he meant was that a cheap price may mean you get the equivalent of a monkey photographing for you.  Not a very inspiring though for the most-planned-for day of your life!

I suppose I join the ranks of griping pro's on this subject too.  What price art?  You pay for what you get.  You know all the phrases.  

But your wedding day is the time when only the finest photography is right.  There is no other day when photographs matter as much - except the birth of your children.  Cameras do make memories and a professional photographer will ensure that they are great ones.  Each photographer has their own particular photographic art.  Your choice of photographer will reflect your appreciation of the artist's style.  At Euphoria, we heighten the romance of the dramatic location by dramatic lighting and posing within the landscapes.  Having two photographers at work, continuously, through your wedding day, each blending the Euphoria style, there is a living collection of memories to be shared and treasured for a myriad forevers.  

These photographs grow in value through time and are irreplaceable.  How much value will you place on your wedding photographs now and then, for eternity?

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