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Out Of The Box
12 April 2016

One of our favourite, inspirational photographers is Bambi Cantrell.  Bambi is dynamite with a camera and in person.  She has continued to raise the bar in portrait and wedding photography for over 20 years.

Often, Bambi will speak about photographing "out of the box."  That involves seeing and thinking differently, being willing to try new ideas, keeping fresh and dynamic.

Having worked with Roz Skinner, my business partner and daughter, for around seven years, I realised that Roz didn't need to think or photograph "out of the box" because she never got into the box in the first place!  Clearly, we were both highly influenced by our teachers including Bambi and Grand Master Photographer, Jerry Ghionis but if either of us had tried to copy these photographers, we would have been climbing into boxes.  Jerry always teaches to be inspired and motivated by other photographers.  Copying would involve limiting or pigeon-holing oneself.  

I really admire Roz' ability to look at her subjects and location entirely from her own, unique perspective, creating something so original and unexpected which delights clients time after time.  One of Jerry's colleagues recognised this unusual gift in Roz when she was just sixteen.  She realised that Roz would bring something entirely different to the mix and I am happy to work with such a dedicated and talented young photographer and have her in the Euphoria team.

Norma   x


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