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North Uist Wedding
Norma's Favourite Image from North Uist Wedding
13 June 2014

It’s always hard to be pinned down to one particular favourite from any wedding we shoot.

A recent wedding, photographed on the Isles of Benbecula and North Uist, oozed happiness and joy as Catherine and Aaron sealed their vows before a crowd of family and friends. It’s a measure of how wonderful and well-loved this couple are that so many were willing to make the pilgrimage from Slough to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. To emphasise this even further, Catherine had a total of eight bridesmaids! She certainly is one special lady!

Catherine left for the ceremony, in North Uist, from her Father’s home, in Benbecula, travelling by white Rolls. She especially wanted photographs at Baleshare Beach and in friends’ beautiful garden and my favourite images are from each of these locations. Often, my favourites are taken using creative, off-camera lighting but I couldn’t help being awed by this beautiful, close-up portrait of Catherine, in the garden, with her soft, thoughtful expression. I just love it.

North Uist Wedding

My second choice is this fun pose (inspired by a Jerry Ghionis photograph) because it reflects the happy, joyful couple that Aaron and Catherine really are. I had asked Aaron to hold the veil out, as if he were flying with it and asked Catherine to lean right back, hold her veil delicately at the front, and laugh for me - this was the fun result.

Norma x


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