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New Year, New Diary
21 November 2014

I'm nothing if not organized.  I started thinking about new diaries back in October.  A bit early, you may think, but a lot of planning goes into my diaries.  After all, I'm going to have to live with it for one whole year.  It has to be perfect.  Which means it has to be a day-a-page diary - I joke that my life is too full to be crammed into a tiny paragraph!  

I fell in love with luxurious Paperblanks diaries last year, but they didn't have as much writing space as I would have liked (I told you I was picky!) 

Last month, I received a phone call from my friend.  "I'm in Tesco's.  About diaries..."  He then proceeded to describe the options.

"Pick out the one that you think is me," I said.


When I next saw him, he produced a beautiful, chunky diary.  The covers were blazing gold, decorated with a gorgeous floral pattern, and it's absolutely perfect for the job!



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