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Old Man of Storr
Networking and Interesting People
11 November 2014

Famous American photographer, Bambi Cantrell, in her seminars, encourages collaboration with other artists and designers to spark enthusiasm, development, inspire and aspire. (She herself is dynamite and always inspiring.)

Roz and I have collaborated with a number of artists and designers, locally and internationally and have shared being and giving inspiration, often in unexpected ways. On the Isle of Skye, we have florists, wedding planners, hair stylists, clothing designers - all creating and designing with their own original flair. Internationally, we have been honoured to network with other wedding suppliers, photographers and artists. One photographer and texture designer we have been proud to share mutual inspiration with is Joel Olives.

Originally, I found Joel by googling “free textures.” Roz wanted to try out adding photographic textures to some suitable images from our portfolio and I thought she might like to experiment first with a free texture. Joel regularly offers his freebies but also has ranges of textures to purchase plus the option of membership of his Texture Club. After taking course instruction in texturing, Roz has become Euphoria’s texture expert. She has a sensitivity to choosing just the right photographs and matching the most appropriate texture and in the best strengths - as can be seen from the above image of the Old man of Storr.

One day, Joel had mysteriously received a large potato in the mail, anonymously sent! His friends on Facebook were offering comments about the source and meaning of the unexpected parcel and I suggested it might be inspiration for the potato texture, since Joel has made textures from just about everything around him! Well, of course, you can’t make a suggestion like that to Joel without immediate results. He soon created the potato texture! This led to our suggesting a Scottish texture and he was open to ideas. Finally, we sent him a number of photographs of grooms’ kilts. Joel set to work and invented the kilt texture, as seen above. Joel very kindly gifted the texture to us.

When you network with interesting people, you really never know where it is going to lead you!

Norma x


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