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My View - a Wedding Photographer on Skye Shares her Outlook
14 August 2014

A couple of nights ago, I was working late at the computer sorting through images from our most recent wedding. The process for doing this is that Roz sorts through her photographs and makes a final selection; I sort through mine and do the same. Then, we pool the two sets. Sometimes, we will do a double-check of each other’s work to ensure nothing is missed. Then we view our selections as one group. We will discard any duplicates, reorder them, check and recheck (and make a final check) to ensure that we are satisfied. Next, the final, high resolutions images are put onto a USB memory stick. We also check the upload is successful on a PC or Mac. Finally, we are ready to dispatch to our clients.

I was at one of the earlier stages of this procedure when, I happened to look up out of the window next to my desk and the above view was what I saw. It was lightly raining outside but, I grabbed my camera and rushed out to get this shot. I loved the soft, uniform colour and tone and the interesting formation of the clouds. After that slight distraction, which would have been impossible to resist, it was back to work!

Norma x


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