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17 March 2016

Every so often in life there will come along an especially magical moment.

This happened for me recently, during a spell of especially fine, warm weather.  I had decided to take our dog, Macey, for a walk down to the rocks beneath our croft.  He loves to potter about among the rocks, pools and seaweeds and he has a particular favourite which all our Dobermanns have enjoyed eating.  After clambering down a precarious slope using tufts of heather as hand-holds, I began to search for a comfortable, flat rock to sit on - very few remotely comfortable here!  Anyway, making the best of it, I pulled out a Mary Roberts Reinhart novel, The Frightened wife and prepared to enjoy a good read in the sunshine - happy dog, happy owner.

As I was reading, a tiny fly landed on the right hand page.  As I watched it, it turned around and suddenly a glorious burst of shimmering iridescent red and pink glowed towards me.  It was an awesome moment!  I watched and watched the strength of the colours and the subtle changes caused by the direction of the sunlight.  

Once in our biology class, at College, we had discussed the theory of evolution.  The teacher was trying to explain homologous structures as a proof of the theory.  The reasoning was so ridiculous that not one of the students took it seriously.  Finally, a bright outgoing student stated slowly in a clear, loud voice, "Feathers look like leaves.  So, birds evolved from trees!!!"  As a believer in intelligent design, looking at the fabulous, exotic, dancing colours on the little fly's wings,  I had to wonder what the designer was thinking when he put iridescence into the wings of a tiny fly which we humans just brush aside?

Norma   x


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