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Macey Dog Coat
Macey Modelling
09 February 2016

As you probably know, earlier this year, Macey the Dobermann had an adventure with his dog coat and I was lamenting the design of dog coats.  They either blow back on themselves or come off altogether.  Often the fastenings are velcro and after the dog has been running around in long grass and reeds, the velcro loses its stick.  So, the hunt was on for a decent dog coat with none of the usual flaws.

We were invited to a country walk with a number of friends and dogs, if they had them. I noticed our friend, Kath, had a neat dog coat for the one of her dogs who would wear a coat.  (interestingly, every Dobermann I have had the honour to own has loved to get into his/her coat and will stand very willingly.)  Anyway, the manufacturer was Cosipet and I began to trawl the internet to see their range.  On eBay, I found the Cosipet Hunter waxed dog coat with the description "adjustable stud fastening."  However, we had had a previous waxed coat which had non-functioning studs and underneath, the usual velcro fastening - so, all the same problems.  It took one email and three telephone calls to reach someone who actually knew whether the studs were for decoration or pressed into place.  Finally, I learned the studs did press.  This was the coat for Macey and here he is wearing it.  He is, of course, just modelling it in the sun for you to see.  It is only worn in the rain or extreme cold.  

I think we would both happily recommend this dog coat.

Norma   x


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