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Macey Madness
13 January 2020
Macey, the rescued Doberman, is now nine years old.  Anyone who has ever owned a Dobe knows that they can be quite demanding and terrific whiners.
We have owned several, over the years, but Macey comes out top for intelligence, energy, naughtiness and, of course, whining!
In 2018, we witnessed Macey Madness after he clipped his tail-tip on a metal gate.  This resulted in one operation to partly remove a piece of his tail.  This failed and a second operation took his tail down to docked size.  It was a real ordeal for dog owner and pet alike as we had some horrific times with blood spattered around the walls, pitting our ingenuity against his to prevent him reaching his ultra-long nose into the bandages and wound.  We finally outwitted him with two inflatable collars around his neck and one around his waist - making him look like a plastic poodle!
2019 saw us searching for a diet more suited to his sensitive digestion - a search which is still ongoing.  As we choose an option, we find advice to the contrary.  Not so easy!  However, we are not giving up!
None of our previous gorgeous boys or girl ever lived beyond ten years.  We are wondering if this record will be broken by Macey and he might be one of those few members of the breed to make it to fourteen.
One of the best features of owning a dog, besides the loyal companionship, is going for walks in the beautiful countryside and seeing its variations, day-by-day.  Yesterday, there were two fluffy caterpillars in the field and I love to see the soft, mossy knolls in amongst the lichen-frosted trees.  I hear the stream, breathe the fresh air and all the stresses of life float away.
Whatever is ahead from owning an older dog, I hope we can keep walking together for a very long time


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