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Macey Is Himself Again!
23 May 2017

As you might remember, from a previous blog, earlier this year Macey - our Dobermann boy - was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid.  Any human who has ever experienced this failure of an essential gland know how wretched the condition can make one feel. The thyroid gland influences the metabolism of the body and, if underactive, it is not hard to imagine the slowing down of body systems, energy, mood and heart.  Macey had shown symptoms of feeling cold and some hair loss around his ears and, thanks to one of the Dobermann forums, we went to the vet suggesting thyroid testing.

After a couple of months, Macey was certainly much livelier - although whether this was simply the contrast to how he had been feeling before or whether his thyroid replacement had brought him into normal levels could only be determined by another blood test. This second test showed (only one thyroid hormone is measured together with thyroid stimulating hormone - the latter is the body's cry to itself to make thyroid hormones and will be elevated if the thyroid is failing) that Macey's hormones were now in the low/normal bracket.  The vet suggested that I decide whether his energy seemed sufficient or if he needed a little more thyroid hormone.  Low/normal did not seem right to me and so, I have increased his dose slightly and we will have another blood sample tested in a couple of months to see where he is on the range by then.

He is certainly sprinting around with spirit and extremely bouncy which, of course, is how a Dobermann should be.  They are supposed to only begin maturing at 5 years and imagine that they are still puppies and can out-play any other dogs, whatever their age! Anyway, it is nice though more difficult to keep up with him these days!


Norma   x


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