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Macey In A Mess
29 April 2015

Macey is our family's rescued Dobermann and he is the most intelligent one we have ever had the honour to own. In fact, one dog book stated that you don't actually own a Dobermann but are owned by him! They are a unique, though often unfairly maligned, breed – very loyal, almost aloofly so, to their owner(s.) The Dobermann can be highly trained – even performing the most amazing feats in films. Most owners wish they would live a great deal longer than they do.

The breeder of our second dog, Murphy (also rescued) tells a story of being out walking one of his dogs. A lady came by with her West Highland White and seeing the Dobermann, she looked alarmed and swiftly seized her pet, scooping him up and holding him close to her chest. The Dobermann breeder didn't hesitate – he immediately scooped up his dog, holding him close to his chest! The lady was rather nonplussed but saw the funny absurdity and began to laugh. There was no danger to her dog any more than there was to the Dobermann! I'm not sure I'm quite up to lifting up Macey – thankfully, he's very friendly to other dogs.

Well, a few days ago, I was busy in the kitchen. The door was open and Macey was going in and out when I suddenly looked down. There was blood everywhere - footprints oozing blood in a random pattern on the tiles. It was impossible to see exactly the extent of his injury due to the blood flow. So, I quickly bathed the paw in lukewarm water – he is very good with this sort of thing and cooperated well, Then, I applied my “magic” zinc healing cream all over a swab and bound up the foot, finishing with a waterproof bag. We have been changing his dressing and allowing the wound to air and be licked! He had torn a circle off one of his pads – larger than a 5p piece but less than a 20p. There is nothing to stitch. He forgets about it and gets excited, jumping up and down and wanting to run about. Then, he realises – ooooh!

I think that Clyde, the cat, knows something not quite right with Macey – he's been coming up close, at times, and rubbing against the dog. Hopefully, it won't be too long before Macey recovers but it will be a wee while before he gets a good, long walk again. Meantime, we still haven't figured out how he did this...



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