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Macey And The Fowl Deed
16 October 2018
No one enjoys the shadow of suspicion looming over them.  Macey was blissfully unaware as two ladies approached him and me while we were out walking.  The two were cousins and neighbours I had not yet met.  Macey was no stranger, however, because while running in the fields, he would sometimes wriggle through the hedge to fraternise with Bailey, their dog.
The two comprised a search party for one of the neighbour’s hens who had been missing since the day before and was the favourite hen.  Her question:  Did Macey “get” the hen?????
While I was pretty sure Macey would never kill a small creature, the shadow of doubt and suspicion was upon him.  I joined the search, pointing out that there would surely have been some evidence of a killing - feathers, blood, and a lot of noise.  None of which had been in evidence.  The hen owner admitted that she had actually seen Macey being chased by a hen once.  (Not so good for his Dobermann image!!). Then, I remembered it had been raining heavily and we never walk in the fields, through the long wet grass
because we both get soaked so quickly.  So, Macey could not have done the fowl deed!  So, I was clear in my mind but what about the neighbours’ minds?
Macey’s good name and honour were vindicated the following day when, rather wet, the favourite hen returned unharmed and, in fact, there had never been a fowl deed at all!
Norma x


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