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Macey - A Ponderous Dog
11 November 2015

I suppose everyone, who is fortunate enough to own (or be owned by) a dog, believes their pet is especially intelligent.  Dobermann owners know the breed to be very smart.  Our Dobe, Macey, has proven to be the smartest we have ever had the honour to own.  In previous blogs, I have raved about him - his cleverness and altruism to the cat but, recently, I was astonished at the number of calculations, required by him, to solve a recent problem he encountered.

Last week, through the night, Macey woke me up to let him out, which I sleepily-eyed did.  Then, a short while later, he wanted out again!  So, he had clearly had an upset tummy.  As we had a guest staying, I didn't want to keep disturbing the household and I did need some sleep myself.  The best plan was to leave the door to the porch open a dog's width.  (He can open the outer porch door himself.)  I blocked the door, from the kitchen, to the rest of the house with two dining chairs so that the house would not get too cold.

Now, next came Macey's problem.  He likes to come through to my bedroom every morning around 7am.  He flops down at my bedside, waiting for the final move that signals I am actually getting up.  Of course, with the blocked door, he couldn't.  He obviously looked at the door - "I can't get through there to 'Mum!'  What will I do?  Mmm.  Idea!  Maybe if I go outside to the door around the back, it might be open and I can go in that way."  Which is exactly what he did.  The door was unlocked, he worked the lever, came to my bedside and was there when I woke up!  Now, I was the one puzzling a problem.  Maybe he had even made the calculations quicker than I had!

When you actually stop and ponder the amount of thinking required, by this dog to problem-solve, you can't help being impressed!

Norma   x



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