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Loves And Loathes - Swiss Rolls And Autumn Gales
11 October 2013

Clyde is a remarkable cat.  (I may have said this sometime before...)  He spends a lot of his time outside, but, when he wants to come in, he jumps up on the window sill.  Standing on his hind legs, he squeaks on the window with his front paws to attract my attention.  However, he hates the fierce autumn winds!  The expression on his face as he closes his eyes, folds down his ears and strains against the wind is a look of pure disdain!

Which brings me to another installment of loves and loathes.


Autumn leaves.  Aside from being a riotous backdrop for a wedding, they make me happy to see the bright colours in a month of short days and early darkness.  (Plus I'm still not too old to jump in a pile of dead leaves.)

Swiss rolls.  I love chocolate.  I really love jam.  And I'm intrigued by the possibility of ice cream swiss roll, though I've yet to try it...

Brambles.  I only pricked my fingers once, but they did get stained terribly purple.  It was worth it, though, as the berries with dark, ripe and delicious!



Autumn winds.  Clyde and I both agree on this one. 

Typing errors.  I sent someone a "z" instead of an "x" recently.  I had to explain that their company did not tire me - it was a genuine mistake! 

Early morning rises.  When it's dark.  And cold. 



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