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Looking At The Good Things
30 September 2014

Sometimes, it's difficult to spot the rays of sunshine when you're going through a cloudy patch.  I believe in the importance of looking at the good things going on, no matter how small they are - something I, as a confirmed pessimist, don't do often enough.

Right now, my good things consist of:

  • I have a packet of Smarties cookies on my desk.
  • The library sent me an email to say The Case Of The Bogus Detective by Caroline Lawrence is awaiting my collection.
  • I have loyal friends who know when and how to cheer me up.  (I should point out, at this point, that this list is not in order of importance!)
  • I have work that gives me true joy and satisfaction.
  • I have a death-defying phone.
  • My cat looks at me with adoration in his eyes.  And yes, I am about to give him a saucer of cream.  But I like to think he'd look at me like that regardless.

This blog is to remind me to search for the good things, because they are there.  What good things, great or small, are in your life?


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