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It's A Lovely Day Today!
22 October 2013

I was in Inverness recently and in slight hurry.  Roz and I were near the end of our shopping and walking along a lane to meet up again with my husband.  We walking past a van and coming the other way was a young man with a movable walking frame.  He was quite badly disabled and had some difficulty walking.  A number of people were in the street near him and I heard his clear, warm voice call out, “It’s a lovely day today!”  Maybe, like me, people were not sure to whom he was speaking but when no one was answering, I called back, “Yes, it is!”

I wished I had gone back and spoken properly to him because, if I had suddenly become disabled and had to walk with difficulty, would I really think that it was a lovely day?  And would I want to pass on a positive view to people around me?  It was a lovely day and that young man’s perspective was the right one but maybe the rest of us, rushing about our business, had failed to realise how much we needed that kind of reminder?

Norma   x


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