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Isle of Skye Wedding Photographers Plan to Snatch a Read!
23 October 2021

Wedding, Elopement, Proposal and Engagement Photography - Isle of skye photographers have had a hectic Autumn!  Yet, reading, and even study, are pleasures for every single Euphoria team member.  With all the choosing, sorting, culling and editing, there is not much time, at present, for reading but as the season quietens, I have some delightful books, just received from eBay for this calmer time.  I have had to replace these books, which have either migrated to my daughter, Roz', extensive collection or, as always happens for me in a house-move, they have been lost.  I wanted the original-style copies with the writer's own charming illustrations and not the later copies.  The following is a little story about these charming books:

When Roz was tiny, I used to say that books are your friends and so, even as a toddler, she loved and respected them and as an adult, has gone on to be a writer herself.

Every so often, at very rare moments in life, you meet a soul mate and a some years ago, Roz and I met one -  Jeanne from Nebraska and we all fused a deep friendship. While Jeanne was visiting Skye, we shared a book with her - “The Family From One End Street” written and oh-so-lovingly illustrated by Even Garnet in 1937! Jeanne’s enthusiastic comment, in her attractive drawling accent was, “It’s a darling book!.” And that pretty well sums up the first in a three-book series. Mr Ruggles, the father is a dustman, Mrs Ruggles runs her own laundry from home and they have seven children! Like many people, they all suffer chronically from ideas which leads them into adventures, mishaps and happy outcomes.

The books can be read with your children and enjoyed by adults, taking the reader back to a simpler era. In the first book, each chapter is a self-contained story. So, it’s ideal to read with children. I love the fact that Eve Garnet has brought her own characters to life by drawing them, as she saw them in her mind and, really, the illustrations are every bit as good as the plots. The books have been reprinted a number of times but I prefer the Puffin ones with Eve’s illustrations on the cover (as shown above) - and these are becoming harder to find, especially the third book, “Holiday at the Dew Drop Inn.”

Like special friends, I am planning to revisit this series of books and enjoy them as much as ever! I hope you might make friends with these too if you haven’t already.



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