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Skye Walkers
Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer After Fashion Shoot
17 October 2015

Saturday was, yet another, gorgeous calm, warm day.  The early evening light was soft and warm.  The landscape was russet and gold.  It was a perfect time of day for a fashion shoot.

Sophie, a creative craftswoman on North Uist, had asked us to showcase some of her pieces which we thoroughly enjoyed photographing in, what has to be, one of the crispest months for clarity and detail.

Afterwards, as we were walking down the hill from some cliffs, Roz spotted our two shadows and decided it was time two Isle of Skye wedding photographers got really creative!  The fun result is above!

(You have no idea how difficult it is to hold a camera steady while balancing on one foot and swinging an arm in the air.  But, in photography, we are always learning!)

Norma   x



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