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08 July 2016

There are times in life when we can happily make do with "good enough."  At those times, that is perfectly acceptable but your wedding simply isn't one of those times.

Of course, we all have a different value system for photography and here, on the Isle of Skye, there are a number of photographers, each with their own particular approach.  For our wedding, we either value photography and opt for the best photographers possible or, we realise afterwards (and, sorry, too late) that we value beautiful, creative wedding photography but we didn't get it.  (You know the well-worn story about Uncle Bob and his great camera.  Unfortunately, Uncle Bob knows nothing about flattering posing and lighting and instead of portraying you at your gorgeous best, you feel like sending your pictures to inspire a new alien creation in Star Trek.  Well, that happened to me and it is the most wretched disappointment.)

There are many short-cuts which can be made when planning and budgeting your wedding but stunning photography simply should never be short cut.  Over time, those beautiful photos become more and more precious - taking on family heriloom status.

Euphoria shoot with a creative, fashion-inpsired styling.  We believe every bride is a supermodel and should be photographed as such.  Roz and I blend and dovetail our photography to produce a unique, lavishly stylish re-creation of your wedding story.  Thereafter, we lovingly design an extra large, glossy photo book to retell that beautiful story for you to treasure and enjoy endlessly.

Norma   x


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