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Isle Of Skye Wedding Photographer - Roz At Sligachan
24 June 2016

One of the honours of being a wedding photographer on the Isle of Skye (besides the highest honour of being invited to photograph such a precious day,) is working with Roz Skinner.  As always, Roz takes a unique perspective on any photographic assignment and, as I have said before, she doesn't just think out-of-the-box, she never got into the box in the first place!  A possible contributing factor to this might be because she was home educated in a manner that allowed self-expression and individual development?  Or, perhaps, it's entirely due to who Roz is.

While we work together, a strange, unconscious process occurs where each complements the work of the other -  perhaps in angle, approach, use of equipment - so that a fully-rounded yet varied viewpoint is gained.  This delights our couples and adds more details to the wedding story in photographs.  While one is working to set up a pose and lighting, the other is seeing something new, different and even inspirational so that we increase creativity and  ideas.  The longer we have to work exclusively with our clients, the more artistry this alchemy produces.  Sometimes, we find ourselves getting carried away in creative flow and not wanting to stop working, even when our contracted time has passed.

Both of us find ourselves, climbing, squatting, jumping, fording, running and hanging just to get that special, "Wow!" image which thrills the client with a wonderful memory and satisfies our photographic artistry.

Skye Wedding Photographer

In this case, I caught Roz fording and jumping simultaneously, at Sligachan Bridge, Isle of Skye, in order to photograph from a special angle, under the bridge, using it to frame the bride and groom.  It really was worth the effort and I am sure you can see why it is an honour to work with Roz Skinner!

Norma   x

Skye Wedding Photographer


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