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"I Couldn't Think of a Better Photographer"
08 October 2013

Roz and I were thrilled to heat this statement about Euphoria, as you can imagine.  Especially as it was made by an Isle of Skye Wedding Coordinator as she referred to us her two clients who had selected her prestigious venue.  The statement took on even more weight for us as we considered the number of wedding photographers this experienced coordinator had met and whose work she had seen and yet, she favoured us with this highest of praise.  We are so grateful when other wedding professionals and clients express their feelings about our work.  It is a real 'shot-in-the-arm!'

But, there is no room for complacency or sitting back smugly.  Wedding photography is, or should be, an art form and art, of course, will always be a matter of personal choice.  Like other artists, we consider aspiration and stretching the bounds of creativitiy for our clients to be a priority.  We want to continue in this mind-set and go on to produce the most inspirational work possible for the brides and grooms who entrust their most important celebration to us.  

If this is the kind of photography that appeals to you, please tell us all about your up-coming wedding.


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