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How Does a Bride Want to be Perceived on her Wedding Day?
17 June 2014

The title for this blog was inspired by a comment I read in July’s copy of Professional Photographer magazine. There, one of the regular columnists stated that she had “seen a lot of photography where the bride is standing with both hands on her hips and elbows swung… in a stance taken straight from a fashion spread. And it looks ridiculous because very few women ever, ever stand like that in everyday life.” (The original point she was making was about photographing people in a style appropriate to their individuality - with which I completely agreed.)

However, I then thought about her quote above in relation to a wedding. But, what is there that‘s “everyday“ about a wedding? Few women look like a bride everyday. Brides spend an enormous amount of time and energy planning their day - some dreaming of it their whole lives. Then, they spend a fortune on their dress, shoes, accessories, etc. and invite a group of friends and family to share a sumptuous celebration at an expensive venue. Nothing “everyday” about that! So, considering the painstaking input, how does the bride want to be perceived? Would she rather look like a model “from a fashion spread” or just her usual, “everyday” self? After all the effort she has made, most brides would prefer be perceived as a model than as just everyday!

At Euphoria, we view every bride as the model for the day. Everything we do is about perceiving and portraying her at her most gorgeous. That’s why we never, ever photograph a bride in rollers, being made-up in a towelling robe. Euphoria brides begin the day beautiful - like a model - and stay that way for the whole day. We pose our brides in the most flattering light and position to enhance their natural beauty and curves. Otherwise, it would never be a special day.

It is an exciting, romantic, one-of-a-kind day and, here, in the Highlands and Islands’ rugged scenery, particularly dramatic. That is the way we believe brides should be photographed for the most perfect memories of a day that‘s anything but “everyday!”.

Norma x


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