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Heads Up!
17 November 2015

I thought that maybe those who have followed my flute "blues" would like a wee update.

Yes, I am still playing away and it's wonderful to have those days when you feel you are an inspired player (and unwonderful to have those uninspired days!)  I am no longer playing with the taped-up tear drop lip but am reaching upper notes on my own now which, in itself, is a marvellous step forward.  A lot is down to the flute headjoint used and its position in relation to the body.  

Pictured above are three headjoints I use, from easiest to play upper register to least easy.  As I was photographing these, I noticed that each headjoint was different - in length and positioning of mouthpiece. This got me wondering how much these elements affect playing?  The nearest head is a Mike Allen and, for my tear drop lip, this is the easiest, most consistent and best to use.  Next, is a Louis Lot head - also very good for the upper register but, occasionally, and, it must be me, I lose the ability that day.  Lastly is a Sebastian Bell head and, I definitely have trouble with clarity and purity using this one.

One flute I use is an Andrew Oxley (with Bell head) and, after some correspondence with Andrew, we both agree that this flute should, once again, be reunited with an Andrew Oxley head.  It's a wonderfully rich and powerful instrument (where the Louis Lot is sweet) and sounds terrific in the lower register.  I wonder how it will sound with the maker's own head?  (I have explained the handicap of the tear drop lip to Andrew.  So, it will be exciting to see what he comes up with.)

I never really thought it was necessary to have two flutes but I always shoot with two cameras - they are both different and used for different aspects of wedding photography work on the day.  So, possibly it's not indulgence, it's practicality?

Plan to post more again in a further update.  Meantime, if you are struggling with your own tear drop lip, please feel free to get in touch for some encouragement and ideas to overcome the problem or check out previous blogs outlining my struggles to conquer this.

Norma   x


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