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He Is Coming Soon
11 May 2013

Alexander Koenders, the wildlife photographer, is, as you know, currently in the U.K. He is now in the Highlands of Scotland and will be visiting Handa Island in the hope of photographing the puffins there. We are really looking forward to seeing him soon, finding out about his new book and all that has been happening for him in the last year.

Years ago, my husband and I visited Handa Island. A small ferry boat took passengers across. We had stupidly forgotten to bring binoculars but the old ferryman kindly offered us his one-eyed ones which he went back home to fetch. He warned us about the possibility of the skuas diving at us, explained exactly where the puffins would be and gave us a deadline for being back at the boat. Off we all trooped.

We saw the skuas but remained unharmed and reached the point where the puffins should be and, yes, you guessed it - no puffins. Everyone was disappointed but continued to walk on around the island except my husband and me. We had come to see the puffins and were determined we would. So, after everyone had gone, we waited. Eventually our patience was rewarded with the sight of puffins flying in and perching exactly where the ferryman said they would! We were also extremely grateful for the one-eyed field glasses to see them!

Hopefully, Alexander will be much better equipped, with an extremely long lens, and get some wonderful photographs as he usually does.

(Sorry, I don’t have a photograph of a puffin. Hope the raven will do!)


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