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Getting The Shot
12 June 2017

"Don't kill yourself for our wedding photographs!" they said.

I jokingly said: "But it's worth it..."  and then realised I wasn't joking after all.

Dunscaith Castle Wedding Photographer Photo

I had a vision in my head.  I knew exactly the photograph I wanted to get.  

Doing so, however, involved climbing up the wall of Dunscaith Castle (as the bridge has crumbled away and I didn't fancy tiptoeing across what was left of it while balancing a camera!).  It also involved stuffing my fear of heights in the back of my mind and focussing on my vision.  

It was during this moment that I realised: Yes, I will climb ruined castles.  Yes, I will dangle over the edge over a sheer drop of roughly fifteen feet.  Yes, my hands will be trembling.  No, it doesn't matter. 

Because what matters is getting the shot.  

Dunscaith Castle Wedding Photographer Photo


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