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Getting Creative Photography
01 May 2013

Well the obvious solution to getting creative photography would be to find a creative photographer - but what makes a photographer creative? There are so many professional photographers out there - what is creativity? There can also be the extreme results from trying too hard to be creative.

Creativity could be likened to beauty - it’s in the eye of the beholder - because what you like creatively may not be what someone else likes. So, to get creative photography that you like, you have to really check out the photographer’s work. If you believe their creativity is evident in a large proportion of their work and you find it interesting and appealing, the chances are, you are going to get some uniquely creative results for your wedding album. It is good, though, to bear in mind that there are limited opportunities, during the course of the wedding, to be freely creative and, so, it is vital to allocate sufficient time for your photographers to work with you, out with the normal routine of the wedding and get producing those fabulous images for you.


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