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Garden Friends!
03 May 2016

Wolf whistles every morning and in the early morning.  Who is this guy who keeps serenading the Skinners?  Where did he learn to wolf whistle so loudly, powerfully and incessantly?

I'm not even sure that wolf whistles are actually legal in the U.K.  No, just checked it and it's not harassment or criminal.  So, he's definitely all right to continue.  There was, in fact, a relative of his here last year but he didn't wolf whistle even once.

Well, the guy who keeps wolf whistling at the Skinner is none other than our resident male song thrush.  He starts well before I waken and goes on throughout the day until late in the evening.  He punctuates his songs with his wolf whistle - rather frequently.

Where did he learn his song?  Well, if it was his father singing last year, he didn't learn from him.  Having enjoyed bird song for many years, I can honestly say I have never heard one who wolf whistled unless it was a domesticated Mina bird.  

So, I cant say for sure our guest is totally unique but he is very special indeed to us and has provided us with endless hours of joyous entertainment. and, it's rather nice to be wolf whistled at when I go outside!

Norma   x


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