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From the Isle of Skye to the Isle of Jersey - Isle of Skye Wedding Photographers Make an Overdue Pilgrimage
15 October 2015

My Uncle Jim was born, here, on the Isle of Skye.  After living and working for a number in Glasgow, he and his wife moved to another beautiful island, Jersey.  There, Uncle Jim was to go on working and running a Bed and Breakfast, for many more years, well past his retirement age.  His son, Sam, made the move to yet another island - Australia!

When Uncle Jim was getting older, he wanted to make the journey back to his beloved Isle of Skye to see all the famous sights and to visit his family here.  Sam made the trip from Australia to join this special holiday.

Uncle Jim, with more energy than most, whirled us around Dunvegan Castle and grounds, Armadale Caste and grounds (his favourite, I believe,) to all the iconic landmarks, while insisting that we eat out every evening with him.  He did have some quiet times, just spent with the family, in Eynort, Isle of Skye.  It was a fantastic, action-packed, non-stop, unforgetable visit because, this would be the last time we would see Uncle Jim alive.  While we kept in touch by 'phone and letter, we were not to meet again.

So, visiting the Isle of Jersey, for two Skye Wedding Photographers, really felt like an overdue pilgrimage.  Roz and I could well understand why Uncle Jim and his sisters so loved this gorgeous island and we could imagine them all reminiscing as they strolled alongside the glorious, unending beaches.  We made a visit to Uncle Jim's old house part of our holiday and, while very glad to see it, couldn't restrain some wee tears as we thought of him

Uncle Jim did love his second, island home but he never, ever forgot his roots in Scotland and his birth-island, Skye.

Norma   x


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