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Friends And Gratitude
08 May 2013

As I was photographing tulips, the other day, I naturally thought about the Netherlands and the number of friends Roz & I have there. They are all photographers and each has their own individual inspiration to share. Ron Moes, another fellow Olympus professional has been like a photographic older brother/uncle. Alexander Koenders - always willing to encourage and share knowledge. Elisabeth Connie Rozenberg - a strong lady with a keen eye for dramatic lighting and Klaas de Jonge - well, what can I say about Klaas? Klaas rejoices in bygone times and brings them to life with his photographs.

It seems so interesting that friends can all be SO different yet still be our friends, each contributing their own unique input.

Naturally, when you stop, for a moment, and think of friends, there is a surge of gratitude that I have been fortunate enough to have had so many dear and special ones in life. (And a moment of self-doubt - have I contributed as much to their lives as they have to mine??)


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