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Flodigarry Hotel Wedding Photographer
10 June 2016

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

Weddings are the time when beautiful photography matters most - not a time for compromise and skimping.  (Well, I know this personally having once made the mistake of having a friend with a good camera shoot my wedding.  That wasn't photography to die for.  It was photography to die after!)

From the photographer's perspective, as a perfectionist and an artist, there are certain types of photographs we just long to create.  In the trade, they are called the "Wow!" shots.  Irrespective of whether they would win in competition, these are the photographs that make you gasp, go, "Awwww!" tingle and feel a strong, emotional reaction.  Most often, to achieve the "Wows!" the photographer has to give some artistic directions for the most flattering poses in the best light.  The more the photographer can think quickly and "out-of-the-box," the more of these awesome shots are created for the wedding album, resulting in delighted clients and happy photographers.  That is why, it is important to allow time for the wedding photographers to get working creatively.

The above shot was created at Flodigarry Country House Hotel this month and it was one of these special images I had been longing to have the opportunity to shoot.  Inspired by Australian Master Photographer, Jerry Ghionis' seminar, I had an image in mind which required a bride who had chosen a particular type of gown and was in a location suited to the pose.  This all came together at Flodigarry with a stunningly elegant bride.  I needed her to fluff out the gown all around he and lie back on the staircase at the hotel.  There was natural light filtering through a large, high window creating a soft light falling on her face and allow me to shoot on the shadow side of her face for extra dimensionality.  However, because the window was so high up, there was a stripe of dark shadow from the wall below the window.  I asked Roz to assist with video lighting and light that side of the bride's gown and asked the bride to lean back, closing her eyes and placing her hands elegantly.  The bride was so willing to cooperate with anything we suggested and we did get carried away working with her which I will tell you about in future.

As artists, we can often be critical of ourselves and our work but, for once, I thought:  I can die now.  This was the shot I had always wanted to take.  

Special thanks to Mel for being such a wonderful subject to photograph and for being game for anything and to Roz for her perfect lighting techniques to create the final image.

Norma   x



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