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Five Tips For Interpretative Wedding Photography
25 January 2017

I have been busily engaged in writing an article on wedding photography for the February edition of EVENTS newspaper.  The article dealt with how to choose the right wedding photographer for you and it prompted me to think of how important wedding photography is, especially those photographs that are symbolic.

What am I talking about?  

I call it interpretative photography.  You could also call it storytelling.  It's those photographs that take the couple's relationship, personalities, occupations, loves, dislikes, passions, pursuits and showcases them visually.  

How can wedding photographers go that extra mile to create interpretative wedding photography?

Get to know your couple.  If you don't know who they are, what they do, how they met and what they care about, how can you translate that into photography?  

Robert and Michelle met when they were rock climbing.  That was a running theme throughout their wedding: they were hand-fasted using a special climbing rope and their cake featured tiny figurines climbing to the top.  We knew that theme had to be echoed in the photographs, so Robert and Michelle climbed up the tree.  The resulting image symbolises the origins of their relationship and the new heights to which they will climb.  

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

Don't be afraid to be adventurous.  Explore the possibilities and unleash your creativity.  

Eilean Donan Castle Wedding Photographer

Ian and Melissa first met at a music festival.  At their Eilean Donan Castle engagement session, they brought along some musical props, including this gorgeous, shiny guitar!  We backlit our gorgeous couple and created an image that gives a nod to their initial meeting, as well as having dynamic lighting.

Don't rely on location.  Yes, we are all inspired by beaches with rolling waves, cliffs, castle ruins and mountains, but on those days where you're shooting inside a tiny, cramped room because the rain is coming down so hard you can't see the view, then the magic must come from you.  

In the above shot of Ian and Melissa, the rain was so torrential that we took shelter inside nearby toilets!  We balanced the guitar on the windowsill of the very cramped corridor.  (Seconds after the image was taken, the guitar slipped from the windowsill and I managed to catch it just before it hit the ground - showcasing the unglamorous side of being a wedding photographer!)  

Let your subjects inspire you.  Every single person you photograph is unique.  That means every single photograph you take will also be unique.  The possibilities are so exciting, so limitless.  Let your subject be the inspiration for the photograph.

When we photographed singer, Margaret Stewart, I asked myself how I could reflect her career in the photographs.  At the end of every performance, a singer takes a bow - so this photograph of Margaret was inspired by that idea, resulting in an image that looks like she is flying!

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

Interpretative photography takes an image to another level, with a personal connection to the subject.  In my opinion, it's the difference between good and great.  It's the mark of a true interest in your subject.  I can't wait to see the magic you create!

To read my article in EVENTS, download the February edition when it comes out.


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