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Five Reasons For Choosing The Best Wedding Photography
02 December 2015


There are few times when the finest photography matters more than your wedding.  Probably, there are enough true-life, horror stories to prevent anyone skimping on the best photography or entrusting their beautiful memories to a "friend with a good camera!"  This is a day which must shine not disappoint.  But, why does finest photography matter so much?

  • There will never be another day like your wedding day - when two people cement their love and conviction, either before friends and family or deeply personally.  It is a day to be recorded forever and the gorgeous photographs of each special moment will become an heirloom to treasure for always.
  • After all the attention to details to ensure a perfect wedding in the most romantic and/or dramatic location, you need artistic photography to complement your planning and vision.  Common-place, regular photography just will not do!
  • Family and closest friends have also given careful thought to their attendance and presentation as they witness your commitment and love in a spectacular event.  Not only do all the guests look wonderful, they feel wonderful too - and honoured - as they share in all the various stages of your wedding day, as it unfolds.  The professional photographs of these special individuals will take on greater and greater value over time.
  • Professional photographers, who know how to sculpt with light and shade and know exactly how to guide bride and groom into posing their natural forms flatteringly, will produce the most exciting, artistic photographic record from your day.  They will be able to 'run' with your personalities and the theme and atmosphere from your particular wedding to create stylish photography in harmony with you both and your wedding.  For example, if you are fun-loving and adventurous, this will be depicted in the style of posing, choice of locations plus activities and resulting photographs.  Your wedding photographers will have been highly interested in your story and should be intuitive and sensitive to incorporating your characters into their photographic approach.
  • This is your day to shine.  Already, you will have chosen only the best because only the best will do for your wedding.  After the wedding, the gorgeous gown is carefully packed away, the delicious cake eaten, the "thank you" cards sent, what will you have to relive such a wonderful event?  This is when you must have only the finest photographs - each one an individual memory unfolding the whole story of your day photograph-by-photograph - even the smallest details which might otherwise have been lost in time.  These are the treasures you will share with friends and family right now and then, throughout forever.  Because you have superb wedding photographs, it becomes hard to choose that particular one which will become a large, fine art, wall piece for everyone to be awe-struck!  Your beautiful album is professionally designed to retell your wedding-day story over and over.  It becomes a treasure itself.

I once saw a post which said something like, "Can you afford not to hire a wedding photographer?"  That should surely be altered to, "Can you afford not to hire the best wedding photographer?"  Your will see that there are, at least, five reasons to make the best choice for you! 

Happy wedding planning!

Norma  x


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