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Favourite Image from Recent Winter Elopement to Skye
26 December 2014

As you know, Euphoria photography likes to take wedding photos that are a wee bit different, edgy and tailored to our unique couples.  The recent secret elopement of Michelle and Robert, to the Isle of Skye, was no exception.  We had fun with Michelle, photographing a series of images of her magnificent, "Scottish Widows" ivory cape billowing in the breeze.  Prior to this, we had photographed Rob in a few cool poses and then, he got rather ambitious and climbed up into a tree.  Naturally we were happy to take the opportunity to photograph a groom doing something rather different.

After the ceremony, and without any knowledge of Rob's climb, Michelle suddenly decided she wanted to scale the same tree - together with Rob - and be photographed.  Rob was a little uncertain about this but Michelle was up in an instant - in her bare feet - with Rob joining her there.  This is my favourite shot of our bride and groom, going for a kiss in a tree!  I think it definitely qualifies as a wedding photo that's a wee bit different and certainly did express the uniqueness of this adventurous couple!

Norma   x


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