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Falling Without Style
23 March 2015

I eyed the slippery path doubtfully.  It led to the top of a hill, and it was essential that I make the climb in order to get the best light for the photoshoot I was on.  I began the ascent, enjoying my surroundings (the Isle of Lewis is just starting to feel like spring has reached the Outer Hebrides!) and began to plan my next shot.

I was in mid-sentence when the ground slid from underneath me and I slithered face-down in the mud.  A jarring sensation in my elbow told me that I had most definitely hit the ground.  Amongst the chaos, I fought to keep my camera from bouncing off the sheer hill-face.  

I was helped to my feet and dusted down reassuringly, but my initial thought was "Is my camera alright?"  Incredibly, there was the merest amount of mud on the lens and just a little bit on the camera body.

So I did the obvious.  I took a selfie.  This is proof that I am willing to suffer for my art!


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