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FAQ:  Why Do You Only Shoot a Limited Number of Weddings Each Year?
08 January 2015

It is Euphoria's policy to only shoot a select, limited number of weddings each year and there are sound reasons why.

We are proud to offer a personalised service with a committed before, during and after-care policy.  This means that a great deal of time, energy, thought, heart and creativity goes into each wedding.  We never photograph routinely or mechanically.  Each wedding gets 110% from the Euphoria team.  We would feel we had failed our clients if we do not give them the proper care and attention their wedding deserves and we will not over-commit at the expense of fine quality photography and genuine concern.

Giving of time and ourselves begins at the first enquiry we receive and flows right through until the clients' safe receipt of their beautiful wedding images and album.  (Even then, we never, ever forget out brides and grooms!)  Our client meetings are not set to a deadline - in fact, the more time and discussion we can have, the more ideas flow and a truly individualised approach crystallizes.  We grow in understanding of our particular couple and they become enthusiastic and confident about their wedding photography. 

So, much as we would love to shoot every wedding possible, we realise that this would not maintain our ethos or provide the level of dedicated service that our clients' weddings rightly deserve.  

Your wedding is just too important a day not to have the very best of care.  We won't compromise - nor should you!

Norma   x


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