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FAQ: What Happens at a Euphoria Client Meeting?
17 November 2014

Roz and I are very much looking forward to a client meeting this week. The Client Meeting is an informal, relaxed opportunity to get to know a couple planning their wedding and learn all their plans (and dreams) for this special day. For the couple, it is a chance to meet their photographers and get to feel comfortable and at ease, especially when one of the two may dread having their photograph taken. The meeting enables them to have confidence in how we will be working and interacting with them on their day, giving one less thing to worry about!

Together we can address any concerns a couple may have, help with other wedding suppliers locally, find out about they type of wedding they want, who all the main players will be and discover just who the couple themselves are, which will ultimately dictate the type of photography required.

Very often, as we all discuss ideas together and brainstorm, we can come up with something totally unique and different just tailored for their wedding.

The meeting allows us to become focused on our couple, plan our approach, have a good overview of their wedding day and theme and develop any further ideas suited to their wedding.

We do realise many couples are eloping and the client meeting is logistically impossible. Usually an eloping couple, who approach us to engage our services, have already “met” us online and we continue to meet via email so that, as with a personal meeting, we really do get to know the couple as individuals and can take care of their particular needs fully.

However we meet, we do love to hear as much as possible about your wedding!

Looking forward to meeting up with you, either way, soon!

Norma x



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