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FAQ: What Are the Benefits of Having Two Photographers?
04 August 2014

Why have two photographers shoot your wedding? Are there really distinct advantages? Don’t they get in each other’s way? Don‘t their styles conflict?

The Euphoria team comprises of two photographers working together. Both are main shooters and neither is second to the other. So, how does this work out in practice? Perhaps because we are Mum and Daughter, there is an instinctive, symbiotic teamwork. This usually happens, on the day, without any verbal communication between us. We find ourselves working in a complementary way which enhances the overall results.

An obvious benefit is the double vantage points, increasing the likelihood that nothing at all will be missed of the important moments in the day. We can be in two places separately when required. Each photographer has an opportunity to run with their own ideas and perspectives. These then dovetail under the avant-garde/editorial/artistic umbrella of the Euphoria style to form a complete look. One photographer is able to assist in dramatic lighting for the other, which results in stunningly different images. Two unique personalities and communication styles enable a multi-directional understanding between clients and photographers and a win-win situation for all.

We are committed to providing the best possible experience and results for our clients and are convinced that this can be fully achieved by a two-girl team!

Norma x


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