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FAQ The Value of Professional Wedding Photos
28 May 2013

Value can be such a flexible entity.  It is also often very subjective.   There are some times in our lives when, photographs actually become priceless.

My family was involved in a head-on road traffic accident.  A foreign driver came round a blind bend straight into us.  My first husband was killed in that accident.  When I had finally got my head round all that, I remembered that he had been to a Who concert and a professional photographer had been photographing the crowd.  I knew I wanted to have those photographs because they were the last one taken before he died.  How precious is that?

My cousin contacted the band and they very kindly released all the photographs of my late husband, printed these for me and included a touching personal message.  I really appreciated their kindness.

The point I am trying to make is that your wedding photographs actually increase in value through time and are irreplaceable.  It sounds a cliché but they really do become treasures.


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