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FAQ: Do Skye Wedding Photographers Take Classes?
20 May 2015

The Euphoria team firmly believe that there is always something to be learned from other professionals and that taking class is a marvellous way to hone our craft, explore new ideas, techniques and styles and we are proud to have benefited from workshops and classes with Jerry Ghionis, Bambi Cantrell, Yervant, Kevin Kubota, Jasmine Star and Doug Gordon.

Hand someone a camera and they will see the view differently from you - it's the same with professional photographers.  Each one brings something different to the fore, their unique teaching skills and personality convey points differently and their particular experience - some (e.g. Bambi Cantrell) with around 27 years photographing people.  To last that long, at the top, a photographer must continually look for fresh inspiration and move with the times.  Taking class, helps us to do that and there is nothing humiliating about doing so - Bambi herself still continues to take class!  

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