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Exceptional Talent, Visionary Photographer - Roz Skinner, Skye Wedding Photographer
06 December 2014

When it's your wedding day, you want your brightest, most natural beauty to shine radiantly.  With the rare talents of Roz on hand, capturing each and every amazing moment, your wedding day will be one to remember and reminisce about for the rest of forever. What makes Roz' abilities so visionary and exceptional?

Roz studied photography extensively with some of the best names in international wedding photography including attending an intensive, five day workshop with Australian Master Photographer, Jerry Ghionis.  Jerry has a unique ability to direct his subjects so that he can showcase every flattering curve, using lighting to sculpt the face and body attractively.  As well as being an inspired photographer, Jerry is also a master teacher, working with his students long into the evenings to ensure everyone reaches their full potential and has something wonderful to offer their clients at such a significant time.

At the point when she attended, Roz was only sixteen.  However, during the course, it became apparent that Roz had her own individual take on life which translated into a very original approach to photography - quite different from the other professionals in attendance.  This was clearly evident in the student work she produced.  When other photographers would take lovely yet "normal" portraits, Roz would invite her beautiful model swinging round a lamp post, drawing out the subject's fun-side and catching her expression photographically.  When the professionals were asked to take portraits of each other, again, they shot "normal" portraits but Roz asked her partner to toss autumn leaves in the air, creating a dynamic and lively portrait full of natural emotion and so very different from everyone else's work.  It was clear that Roz' work would be inventive, fresh and fun, that couples would love they gorgeous way they were depicted on the day their two lives united - even enjoying the experience of being photographed differently!

This has morphed and translated into an extraordinary gift for seeing the usual, for making unexpected viewpoints and dramatic reflections, for portraying, sensitively, the different facets of her subjects' personalities.  Just when you think a photograph can't be any better, Roz adds an embellishment which takes it to a different realm, surprising and delighting the clients who may have had no idea just what she is achieving.

For those couples wanting only the finest photography possible, Roz' exceptional vision is indispensable.  

Norma   x




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