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Euphoria’s Wonderful Skye Brides
12 September 2014

Someone very wise and witty person (please feel free to help me out if you know who this was) made a clever statement about photographers always being obeyed. However, the Euphoria team would never be considered dictators. While we do give directions to ensure the best lighting falls on our subjects and that their bodies are placed in the most flattering and interesting poses, we aim to coax natural, spontaneous expression and allow our clients to have an exciting but fun experience while they are being photographed. The guys usually love it when we give them some sort of action to perform but we have noticed how wonderfully our brides enter into the spirit of being photographed differently. Many of them are willing to get on with doing things they never expected to.

We have had brides climb up onto castle walls, climb a tree, swing high on play park swings, lie on a table, borrow a strangers pet (to enhance the photograph and tell a different story.) Roz and I really appreciate when a bride is willing to do something unusual for her photographs. Of course, we check to ensure that everyone is comfortable when we suggest an idea and, absolutely, safety is paramount. But this is the most special day of a couple’s life and, if they’ve chosen Euphoria, it’s because they want unique, individualised photographs. That is why, we love to know as much as possible about our couple before photographing. That way, we can ensure that we have understood their spirit and expectations so that we can provide the best possible results.

Above is our bride, Shelly, from the United States. Shelly married Derek and she was one of the most game, athletic brides we have ever had the honour to photograph!

Norma x


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