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Euphoria to the rescue!
18 September 2021

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer, Sean, was out for a walk yesterday evening.  He found a distressed bird, flapping around on the road and, aware of the number of hunting cats in the area, decided to bring it home for safety.  It was dark when he returned, placing it in a box.  I didn't want to distress it any further but, taking a brief look, I thought it was a small guillemot.

The bird spent a peaceful night in the box and although it was bright and lively looking, its wing coordination did not seem right.  I immediately asked for advice and assistance on our local Facebook Group and, as usual, there was a series of speedy replies from a number of lovely, helpful and concerned individuals.  One local wildlife expert advised that the bird was a Manx Shearwater on its migration to South America.  He explained that they often mistake the dark road for the sea, land there but can only take off from the sea and, I believe from a height, such as a cliff.  He offered to return it to the sea but we were keen to watch its release ourselves.

With a few protests, the bird was settled in a towel.  Sean carried it down to the sea and released it into the water.  It promptly turned right around, walked out of the water and straight over to me where it settled by my wellington.  Hmmmm!  This left us with a dilemma.  Was the bird actually injured?  Did we need further help?

After a few minutes, though, the bird decided that going to sea would be better and set off!  We did not see it flying but watched until we could not longer see it.  It had flapped its wings, dived repeatedly and so, we are hopeful for a happy ending for this beautiful bird and grateful to all the thoughtful individuals who wanted to join in helping a fellow-creature too.



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