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Euphoria Makes Flapjacks!
20 January 2015

I'm not good at baking, but I know why.  I don't always follow the recipes.  If the recipe requires an ingredient I don't have, or simply don't like, I will ignore the instruction to put it in.  As a result, I often get unusual results.

These flapjacks, however, are one of my rare successes.  The recipe called for coconut - which I don't like.  It also called for cinnamon - which I love.  

Amazingly, in spite of the fact that I completely ignored the recipe and added vast quantities of cinnamon - which, rather than being overpowering, gave the flapjacks a sharp, sweet, autumnal taste.  

We love bringing flapjacks to weddings, as they are filling and can be eaten quickly when we are driving from location to location!  


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