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Euphoria Gift-Wrapped
22 December 2014

I don't think Roz and I would look cute wrapped in a bow each but, for this week's wedding, the Euphoria team does come gift-wrapped!  This is because our photography services have been given as a gift from the bride's family to the couple.  We think giving wedding photography as a present is a wonderful idea in which everyone wins - the couple get beautiful, professionally executed photographs of their romantic day to treasure and relive eternally, as a gift and the giver gets to share the photographic memories too.

Because weddings can grow to be so expensive, professional wedding photography can often be the last consideration.  The temptation, at this late stage, can be strong to get by with photographs from a family friend or relative with a good camera.  (Please check out this month's Weddings Know-How article to avoid this pitfall.)  But, the idea of having a wedding photography package on the wedding gift list is an excellent, stress-free way to enjoy beautiful photographs at such an important event.

We are delighted to be gift-wrapped and get to share in yet another fabulous wedding!

Norma   x



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