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Euphoria At The Ballet
28 January 2015
Last week, Roz and I had one of our rarish jaunts to the theatre in Inverness. The Scottish Ballet Company was performing a traditional ballet - the Nutcracker - at Eden Court.

There was an aura of hushed anticipation as the theatre lights dimmed and the set lights gradually brightened and I felt like a child again, waiting for something wonderful and exciting to happen, which of course did! As I watched, enthralled, at the flawless and beautiful performance of the entire company, including the children, I was transported back to the Victorian era and the simple pleasures of a blessed childhood. I thought of two words to describe the performance, the dazzling sets and the fabulous, atmospheric lighting (of particular interest to us as photographers,) and they were enchanting and spectacular.

One of the set backdrops included a series of "curtains" of shining balls, of different sizes, suspended at intervals on wires. I wondered how these could possibly be transported without being reduced to an irretrievable tangle of wires and baubles! Roz and I puzzled on this problem later with no conclusion!

The orchestra was also wonderful and I was particularly interested in the flute players who featured frequently in the score.

The entire audience was included in a magical and unexpected feature at the conclusion of the ballet as we were deluged with a colourful, glittering snowfall of tinsel pieces.

If you have not been and you like traditional ballet, this really is a production not to be missed!

Norma x


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