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Eilean Donan Castle Wedding Proposal Planning
11 January 2017

Eilean Donan Castle Wedding Proposal Engagement Photographer

There's something very romantic about photographing a proposal, especially a surprise one.  

Often the proposer (is that a word?!) will email us ahead of time and fill us in on the story.  Being part of the planning ahead of time is very special.  

Jason emailed well in advance of his trip to Scotland and asked us if we would set out candles in the shape of a heart on Eilean Donan Castle bridge.  We arrived at dawn and laid out the heart, then waited for our lovely couple to arrive.

Our top tips for ensuring a perfect proposal would be:

Choose a location that is normally quite busy.  Sound odd advice?  After all, a proposal is surely a private and intimate moment?  Agreed, but even in the busiest of places, you can find a quiet spot.  However, a busy location will enable your photographers to blend into the background and not cause suspicion!  

Communicate with your photographer.  Don't ever be afraid of giving too much detail!  We want to hear your story, how you met, any plans and dreams you might have!  It's also a good idea to send us a quick text when you are getting close to the agreed location so we can photograph your arrival.  

Think about what your significant other would want to wear if they knew what you were planning.  Persuading the person you're proposing to to get dressed up without arousing suspicion can be tricky.  At a Kilchurn Castle proposal, Marc persuaded his lovely girlfriend Robyn to get dressed up as they were going on to a high tea afterwards.  Another tip could be to honestly tell your significant other that you have organised a surprise photoshoot - without telling them the occasion!  

Are you planning an Eilean Donan Castle wedding proposal?  We would love to hear all about your plans!  


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