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Dogs At The Wedding Day!
11 October 2016

Having your dog (or cat!) at your wedding day means you get to include a valuable member of your family in your special day.

The last two elopements we photographed both involved adorable dogs belonging to the couple.  

One dog had the handfasting cord tied round his neck and was able to present it to the couple during the ceremony.  

Isle of Skye elopement photographer

If you're planning on get married indoors, it's always a good idea to check what the policy is with dogs.  However, if you're eloping outdoors, why not include your pet in the day?

Even if your dog isn't able to come to the ceremony, ask your photographer about some photographs with your dog either before or after.  They'll probably be more than happy to say yes, as a bride or groom's bond with their pet is a very special thing to photograph.

If your dog can get involved in the wedding day, they could carry the handfasting cord, the rings or even the flowers.  

If you would like to get married or have an engagement shoot with your pet present, do get in touch!  We'd love to hear all about your plans!


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