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31 December 2015

Pet owners know that their animals give them back so much more than they ever ask from us.  Recently, I have been thinking about our Dobermann, Macey, and how long this breed lives - which, of course, isn't nearly long enough - being around 10 years.  I started to question the food that we give him besides the human scraps (not scraps of humans!)

When I googled the particular kibble we serve, I was shocked by some reviewers referring to it as the equivalent of feeding kids from a well known drive-through diner.  Hmmm!  That got me thinking some more because I really would like this dog to live as long as possible.  I found an excellent website with information about feeding and reviews of some recommended U.K. dog foods and why these were a better choice.  The writer explained that protein and cereals should be from a named source with preference given to rice and oats, fat sources should also be named and, naturally, the food should be without chemical antioxidants and preservatives.  Doing a comparison with Macey's current food, the label read, "Crude proteins, crude oil and fats, crude fibres and crude ash."  I don't think that would look too good on a menu and I doubt anyone would ever order that for themselves or their pet either!  I had begun to get the message.

Without being over-sensitive - I know dogs will sometimes eat just about anything - I thought it was time to choose a better quality dog food as the foundation of Macey's diet.  So, referring back to the website mentioned earlier, I began to check each of the recommended dog foods and the reasons for the recommendations to make a final decision.  Taking into consideration quality, economy and my preference for wheat-free, the final selection was Arden Grange.  This was speedily ordered through G J W Titmuss, who supply Roz' cat,Clyde's, special food (designed to prevent kidney problems) at a good price for 24kg.  (This company will deliver to the Isle of Skye - some products sent without charge and others for a modest amount.)  Unfortunately, this order was made right in the middle of the holiday period and Macey has not yet tasted his new, superior food.  Meantime, I am adding to his diet the best human foods which are suitable for dogs until I can gradually introduce the new regime.

I am annoyed to be coming so late to this conclusion.  It's like understanding any new concept, you wonder why on earth you had never realised the obviousness before.  I am hoping this will be a case of better late than never because, with Macey being rescued, I am certain he didn't have the best food to begin with.

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