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Details, Details, Details - Why Bother?
12 November 2014

Some wedding photographers love them, others loathe them. Some shoot the minimum, others shoot them all. Yes, there are various schools of thoughts on details.

When a couple begin to choose their wedding photographers, they will often consider style, consistency, originality and personality to reach the best decision. Very likely they will expect certain detail shots as standard - bouquets, buttonholes, rings, dress, shoes, cake etc. - and be perfectly happy with that sort of range. However, after having professional training in this area, Roz and I revised our approach to wedding photography details and endeavour to include many more of these shots. Why bother?

Details bring back memories. So, clearly, the more details included, the more memories evoked, especially as time passes. A great deal of though and expense has gone into choosing and arranging all those little details which go to make a wedding so special to the individuals involved. Table details, personal touches, little gifts, even the chair covers have all been painstakingly chosen and set out. Maybe all those details can’t be fully absorbed, by everyone, at the wedding itself but those concerned with their lay-out will enjoy seeing their work preserved beautifully in photographs. The bride and groom will also really appreciate these being fully documented.

Details often serve to provide or emphasise the theme of the wedding and that theme may be carried subtly throughout the wedding arrangements. It’s important to be alert to finding these and, of course, photographing them. Details really are worth the effort - or they wouldn’t be there in the first place!

Norma x


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